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Trinity Lutheran School

Athletics are an important part of Trinity's parish school program. They help students develop physical, mental, social, and emotional skills. Participation helps develop positive Christian attitudes toward life. While success in athletics may be measured by wins and losses, it is better measured by the ability to live as Christian citizens in future years.

Students involved in athletics at Trinity Lutheran School will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop one’s own God-given skills in various sports
  • Display a proper attitude of dedication and competitiveness
  • Demonstrate teamwork through Christian attitude and spirit

Interscholastic athletic contests in baseball, cross country, volleyball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading and track are offered to students in grades 5-8 . Sportsmanship and Christian fellowship are stressed above all other aspects in our athletic program.

Every student who wants to participate will have that opportunity. In fifth and sixth grade, the focus is on skill development, recreation and fellowship.

Trinity is a member of the Central Illinois Lutheran Conference (CILCON). Currently conference standings are kept for the varsity A or 8th grade level only. Each school plays a minimum of one game versus other member schools during the regular season.

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