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Mark 16:16

What is the meaning of Baptism?

To quote "Lutheran Small Catechism with Explanation", "Baptism is not just plain water, but it is the water included in God's command and combined with God's Word." We believe and teach that babies and children should be baptized as soon after birth as possible. For adults, who can come to faith through hearing the Word, we usually baptize after they have been instructed in the Christian faith.



Baptism FAQ's

Who can be baptized at Trinity?
We baptize people of all ages and believe strongly in infants and children being baptized.
Why do we believe in baptizing babies and children?
There are four reasons we believe and teach the baptism of infants:
  1. They are included in the term "all nations" in the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19
  2. Jesus invites children to come to Him. Luke 18: 15-17
  3. Because babies are sinful, they need it. John 3: 5-6
  4. Babies can also believe. Matthew 18:6
When are baptisms performed?
Baptism is typically conducted during a worship service on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. It may also be administered in a hospital or other setting should the health of the individual be at risk.
Do we have to meet with a pastor first?
Parents who have been instructed in the meaning of Baptism may simply call the church office (309-828-6265) and schedule a time to have their child baptized. A brief appointment with a pastor may be appropriate for parents and their older children (age 4+) to teach the child about Baptism prior to the scheduled time and allow the child an opportunity to become more familiar with the pastor.
Adults who wish to be baptized should call the office to schedule an appointment with a pastor to discuss Baptism. Typically, adults are instructed about Baptism during our adult New Member Classes where other aspects of our faith and beliefs are taught as well.


To schedule or inquire about a baptism, please call (309)828-6265 or email the church office .

Have you heard about the new Baptism Classes for parents?

It is designed to support families in the on-going efforts to meet the directive to equip and support every home to intentionally nurture and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and make disciples of future generations. Learn more >

Listen to a special Sermon . . .

On April 28, 2013 Pastor Wirsing delivered a much requested sermon on "Baptism 101" based on the text from Matthew 28:19-20.