Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church


Trinity Lutheran church is located in one of the great old neighborhoods of Bloomington known as the South Hill, originally settled by German immigrants in the 1800's.

Since Trinity originally came from a German background, it was a natural fit for Trinity to minister in this neighborhood when the congregation began in 1858, reaching out to those German families. For many, many, years, God's people walked to church, making it a truly neighborhood church. In fact, Trinity's Sanctuary has been located within one block of its current site for the bulk of the 150 years of her existence.   As the years have gone by, the composition of the congregation has changed. Trinity's people represent many races and backgrounds, and all are welcome.

Mission & Vision Statement

The Mission of Trinity Lutheran Church, as adopted by the voters of the congregation, defines in one sentence what the mission of Trinity should be:
The mission of Trinity Lutheran Church is to share the forgiveness and love of the resurrected Christ and to make disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, teaching, worship, care and concern, and fellowship.

The Vision of Trinity Lutheran Church is designed to expand a bit on the Mission statement. It reads:

"At all ages, and in all places, we reflect Jesus' love and sacrifice through

  • Uncompromised beliefs
  • Joyful worship
  • Passion and Hunger for the Word
  • Fervent Prayers
  • Care for our neighbors
  • Loving Fellowship with one another

Because of God's undeserved love in our hearts we

  • Welcome all people
  • Encourage them in their own spiritual journey, and
  • Equip them to minister to their families and others

We dedicate our lives and joyfully share our resources to expand God's kingdom here and throughout the world so that one day we may all be united in heaven to live eternally with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."