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Acts 10:2

Family Ministries primary focus is providing resources to bring families closer to God and each other through a home-centered ministry and family participation in church services and activities.


Families in Faith Mobile App

Integrating our faith into our daily lives is an important step in passing the faith on to our children. The Families in Faith mobile app gives parents tools, ideas, and conversation starters right in the palm of their hands. Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms by Dr. Joel Dietrich (LCMS-DCE and FFPN trainer), this app is loaded with content to help parents pass the faith on to their children. AND ITS FREE!

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Thriving Family

The bi-monthly magazine, the mobile app, and the website

This resource helps families thrive in Christ, offering reliable and time-tested solutions, practical advice and sensible marriage and parenting guidance. Whether in print, online, or on-the-go,Thriving Family encourages, teaches and celebrates God's design for the family and inspires people to be better parents and spouses. The primary audience for Thriving Family is married parents with children (ages 0–18) at home. They also have content for single parents, blended families and extended families. They address military, adoptive and special-needs families as well as other unique family situations. Thriving Family equips married parents with a biblical worldview, helps them navigate contemporary issues and inspires families to thrive — all from a strong Christian foundation.

Thriving Family is a ministry of Focus on the Family.
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A Splink is a SIMPLE way to LINK your family together spiritually. Splink is a FREE weekly email packed with ideas to help connect your family. Splinks are creative ways of interacting with your children through the use of faith talks, devotional starters and ideas for family time. Splinks can also help you use teachable moments to pass along spiritual truths and life lessons while making memories or just having fun together.

Splink is a ministry of D6 Family.
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Right From The Start

Right from the Start:
A Parent's Guide to the Young Child's Faith Development By Shirley Morgenthaler

Right form the Start helps you discover how young children learn and the countless ways your interactions teach about God and His love. In addition, Morgenthaler offers new information about brain development and worship and an extensive resource list. Appropriate for individual use, discussion material in each chapter expands Right from the Start for a group setting.
Available from Concordia Publishing House or contact Mary Bloebaum


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