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Men's Ministry

Being part of a faith-filled community is a wonderful to be encouraged in your walk to become the man God has purposed you to be. The purpose of Trinity Lutheran Church Men's Ministry is to provide social, recreational and spiritual opportunities for all men. In this day and age men face various challenges that are unique to men. As men, we often feel that we have no choice but to face these challenges alone.

Through our men's ministry, we hope to provide resources and support to help each other as we grow in becoming the men that God has called us to be as we serve in the roles of husbands, fathers, sons, and friends.

Men's Ministry

Second Saturday Men

Second Saturday is gearing up for a new season. As the name says, we meet the Second Saturday of each month - September through May, 7:00-8:30 am, or any part of that time you can join us. This is not a set group of guys, so any month you can join us is great.

This year our discussion will be geared toward “A Man and His Design”. Join us for breakfast and hanging out. Bring a friend or two. We meet at church, in rooms 140-144. email Chuck Bahn or call 834-3203 with questions, or for more information.

Men's Ministry Special Events include:

Canoe Trip on the Current River

Father Child Dinner

Usually a Thursday evening in the fall with a special guest presenter and activities for Kids and Dads.

Father Daughter Dance

Usually a Sunday afternoon around Valentines Day. DJ hosted music and fun with dad appropriate dance music. No age restrictions for the dads or their daughters.

First and Third Saturday Book and Breakfast

Meet for breakfast at a local restaurant to discuss some reading from a "manly" book.

Men's Fraternity

Men's Steak Lunch

Peoria Chiefs Baseball Game

Promise Keepers
Men from Trinity attend these national events when the location allows.

Raising a Modern Day Knight
Dads gather together to learn how to best prepare their sons to take the reins as men in the modern world.