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Milestone Ministry is a way of helping families pass on the Christian faith. It is a way to celebrate events in our every day lives that shape our identity and give us a sense of belonging to the family of Jesus Christ. Milestone’s bring an awareness of God’s presence into the home while also bringing the events of our every day lives into the congregation.

Our Milestones Ministry will be growing soon!

The Baptism Milestone

In May 2013 Trinity began offering three baptism classes for those seeking to have their child (of any age) baptized. The first three sessions are recommended as a way to help parents fulfill their commitment of “raising their children in the knowledge and worship of God”…a promise they make at their child’s baptism. Although we would never turn anyone away from being baptized, we believe this is an opportunity to teach how to live out that Great Commission promise every day after the baptism!

Baptism Milestone FAQ's

When are the three classes offered and what do they entail?
The classes will be offered every other month (July, September, November, January, March, & May) at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday hour. It is recommended to take these classes while you are expecting a child (in the case of birth or adoption), but they truly can be taken as soon as you find out about this class. You may even take them after the baptism has taken place. The sessions will include the following topics:
  1. How to pray and plan now for your childís spiritual future
  2. How to bless your child
  3. Understanding how your child becomes part of the family of faith through water and the Word
  4. The role of the baptismal sponsor(s)
Can the sponsors (godparents) attend baptism classes?
Yes! We would especially invite sponsors (godparents) to the third class. It is in this class we talk about the actual day of baptism and what it means to be an intentional sponsor (godparent). If sponsors (godparents) are not able to physically be present at the class, the parents/guardians can pass along that information through class notes or the DVD of this session.
Will childcare be provided?
Yes! Depending on the number of older siblings (4+ years old) the childcare class will be structured to spend intentional time talking about faith in Jesus, prayer, baptism, and Godís design of family. Nursery will be provided for those younger than four years old or for the older siblings if numbers donít merit having a special class for them. Either way, we have a place for your child if it is needed.
What if I have to miss a class?
DVDs of each session will be available for checkout. Even though you can never make up for the relational aspect of the class, we believe the information is important for you to have.
Do I need to attend the classes for subsequent children if i have already attended them once?
You do not need to go through the classes more than once, but you are welcome to participate in the sessions with each of your childrenís baptisms. You may know the information, but it is also a blessing to know the people in the same life stage as you with that particular child.
What is the optional fourth class (Faith Chest Assembly)?
There is an optional fourth session called the Faith Chest Assembly Class in which Faith Chest kits are assembled. The Faith Chest will be referenced in the baptism service as a piece that houses the spiritual treasures, given by church and family, to be used to nurture faith at home. Families with older children who would like to build a chest may join the fourth session as well. The children can even help assemble the kit with their parents if they are able. The cost of the wooden Faith Chest is $50. Whatever you are able to donate towards that cost may be paid to Trinity Lutheran Church. Please donít allow finances to keep you from making a Faith Chest for your child. The church budget will cover any amount above your ability to pay.
How do I sign up for Baptism classes and/or the Faith Chest Assembly class?
You can call or email Mary Bloebaum at 309-834-3202.
How do I schedule my childís baptism?
Call Karen in the church office at (309) 828-6265, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 p.m.

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Faith Milestone : First Bible (2nd graders)

As part of our Faith Milestones Ministry we are introducing the First Bible Milestone to 2nd graders and their parents where we can help families intentionally experience the power of God firsthand in their daily lives! We desire our children and families not only to have the Bible in hand but to also have it on their mind and in their heart. This milestone will be taught in two sessions on September 7 & 14 at 11:00 a.m. in rooms 143-145, followed by a special blessing in worship on September 21 at 11:00 a.m.

At session one, on September 7, parents will discuss . . .

  • The 4 Faith Factors at Home and Deuteronomy 6
  • Personal time with God as parents
  • Blessing your Child
  • A weekly Family Time in the Word

At session two, on September 14, parents and children together will . . .

  • Discuss Bible Basics and the features of the GROW Bible the 2nd graders will receive
  • Highlight passages that have significance in their own family
  • Make a plan for personal time with God
  • Practice a weekly Family Time in the Word

The Bible will be presented to the 2nd graders by their parents with a blessing during a worship service, on September 21 at 11:00 a.m., the Sunday following the classes. This is a great testimony of family discipleship that is connecting faith and life with the support of our congregation! What a great opportunity to give glory to God!

If your child will be in 2nd grade for the 2014-2015 school year, please email Mary Bloebaum at for more information or to register.