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Parish Nurse Program

Parish Nurse

Our parish nurses are available as a resource to help you find the health services and information you need.

Program Philosophy

Parish nursing embraces the spiritual dimension of the nursing practice in addition to the physical, psychological and social dimensions. In essence, parish nurses care for the body, mind and spirit.

Please call the Parish Nurse Hotline, (309)828-6265, #191. Be sure to check the Parish Nurse Bulletin Board (lower level narthex) and your monthly Messenger for health news you can use.


Parish Nurse Newsletter - September 2014

Dear Trinity Lutheran Church Members,

I hope you and your loved ones are able to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful Labor Day holiday. As we face the often hectic fall, I wanted to take some time to consider The Gift of Spiritual Care.

What is Spiritual Care?
Spiritual care is a blessing God has given us to share with others and ourselves. It refers to a life-style in which we reflect the healing nature of Jesus Christ as we use all of our gifts (time, self, material resources, Christian resources) to care for people during a time of need.

How is Spiritual Care Done?
Listed below are some specific suggestions for offering spiritual care to people in need.

Be a Faithful Steward of the Gift of Yourself
Make yourself available to persons in need, be faithful in your actions, keep visits confidential, and reach out to others.

Listen…Listen…Listen with ALL of your Being
Listen for what tangible needs are shared and offer support in any ways you can, I.e., meals, child care, transportation etc. Focus on What the Real Issues Are The real issues may be different from what you expect.

Use Christian Resources in a Healing Way (The Bible, Prayer, Forgiveness, Blessings)
Their use should be: 1. Natural and based on the person’s needs 2. Directed towards comfort and not manipulation 3. Agreed to by both the care-giver and care-receiver.

Plan for Follow-Up
Let the person know what you will do and when they will see you.

Parish Nurse Bev Branning


Learn more about the program

Our Parish Nurses: Bev Branning and Sue Rutherford

Parish nurses collaborate with their faith community leaders to form partnerships with other community health resources. Parish nursing services are designed to involve individuals, families and congregations as active partners in their personal health. Through this involvement, nurses help empower communities and foster an environment of understanding and support.

The roles of the Parish Nurse

  • Integrator of Faith and Health
    serving as a “translator” between faith and healthcare communities. With a knowledge base in both areas, many times the parish nurse can clarify issues and or reinforce the strong tie between faith and health. Health Educator, providing educational programs to the congregations such as health screening and illness prevention.
  • Health Counselor
    providing individual health counseling services in the home or long-term care facility.
  • “Navigator” or “Advocate”
    assisting congregation members in finding their way through healthcare systems.
  • Referral Agent
    finding resources and making referrals to agencies, organizations and support services to improve the member’s quality of life.
  • Developer of Support Groups
    initiating and organizing groups designed to assist the participants with a specific issue.
  • Trainer of volunteers
    perhaps most importantly, recruiting and training volunteers to provide assistance.
  • Blood pressure screenings are offered 9-9:30 am the second Sunday of every month on the lower level in the elevator alcove.
  • Our parish nurses are happy to see you and answer your health questions.