School FAQ  


Q. What is the mission of Trinity Lutheran School?

R. Trinity Lutheran School exists to develop well-rounded lifetime Christian disciples.

Q. Do you have to be Lutheran to attend your school?

R. No, we have families from many different faith backgrounds. We share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ from a Lutheran perspective. Currently about 77% of our student body is Lutheran; 18% from other Christian denominations and 5% list no church affiliation.

Psalm 34:10

Q. Is religion taught on a daily basis?

R. Daily religion classes are part of our curriculum. We have a weekly chapel service on Wednesday mornings for the entire school. Chapel is at 8:30 every Wednesday.

Q. What are your class sizes?

R. Our early childhood classes will be capped at the following levels:
PS (3 year old) 10
PK (4 year old) 12
Half day kindergarten 14
Full day kindergarten 20
It is our goal to keep class sizes to a manageable size for maximum learning potential. Classes will most likely be capped at the following level with one teacher per classroom:
1st- 3rd grades - 24 students per class
4th - 5th grades - 28 students per class
6th - 8th grades - 28 students per class
If a class size exceeds these numbers a teacher's aide may be added.

Q. Is there help available for students who struggle academically?

R. A year ago we initiated our KEY Program which is designed to help students who have an IEP (service plan). Ms. Linda Ladage is our KEY Program Coordinator. She is a certified teacher in Special Education and offers her assistance to our classroom teachers with students who struggle in the classroom. This is still a growing program as it is only in its second year and currently Ms. Ladage is only here on a part-time basis. Specific questions regarding the program and how it may help your child can be directed to Ms. Ladage at 829-7513, extension 224 or to Mr. Hoffmann, our Principal.

Q. Do you have a hot lunch program?

R. Trinity does participate in the federal Hot Lunch Program. Students my purchase a hot lunch or bring a sack lunch from Home. Lunch prices are re-evaluated each year. Current prices are $2.00 for grades 4-8 and $1.75 for grades K-3.

Q. Is before and after school care available?

R. The YMCA provides both before and after school care here at Trinity for students in grades K-8. Before school care hours are from 7:00 - 8:00 AM and after school care is from 3:00 - 5:30 PM. Fees are available upon request.

Q. Do you have bus transportation?

R. We do NOT have bus transportation available. We have students from all areas of Bloomington and Normal and several surrounding communities. Some parents arrange for car pools and we would be happy to share information about other families who live in your area.

Q. Do you offer extra-curricular athletic activities?

R. Students in grades 5-8 can participate in the following athletic activities:
Girls: Soccer or volleyball (fall); basketball or cheerleading (winter); track (spring)
Boys: Baseball or soccer (fall); basketball or cheerleading (winter); track (spring)

Q. Are there non-athletic extra curricular opportunities available?

R. Chess Club meets after school on Mondays. A recently formed Book Club meets twice a month in the evenings. For students with an interest in drama, we present a spring play each school year. Students in grades 6-8 are given the opportunity to participate in the play.

Q. Do you have a music program?

R. Students in grades K-5 have weekly music classes taught by our music teacher. Students in grades 3-5 have an option to participate in our SonShine Choir which practices during the school day. All students in grades 6-8 participate in our Junior High Choir which practices twice a week during the school day. Beginning in 5th grade students can participate in our band which practices twice a week. Our band teacher also gives small group lessons during the week.

Q. Do students participate in any academic competitions?

R. Our students have participated in the following competitions:
a. Mclean County Spelling Bee
b. Reader's Digest Vocabulary Word Power Challenge (this year 3 of our students qualified for the state competition and one of those finished in the top 10 of the state competition.)
c. Math competitions
d. National Geographic Geography Bee - we have had state qualifiers.

Q. Why do Trinity Lutheran Church members pay less tuition than non-members?

R. Trinity Lutheran Church is very supportive of Christian education and financially supports 25% of the cost of education per child for non members and 50% of the cost of education per child for members of Trinity. Tuition is less for Trinity members because they also support the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church through their offerings.

Q. Is there any financial aid available for families who cannot afford full tuition?

R. There is a limited amount of financial aid available. Applications are available in the office. Aid is based on financial need of the family and is limited to the amount of scholarship money available in the church scholarship fund.

Q. What are the physical characteristics of the school building?

R. Our school building was completed in January of 2003. The 57,000 square foot building is climate controlled with fresh air continually circulating throughout the building. There are 22 individual classrooms; a music room; a computer lab; an art room, a library, and a dividable gymnasium.

Q. Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

R. We have an active PTL (Parent-Teacher League) and also encourage parent volunteers in our lunch room, office, and classrooms. Also, our annual auction is completely parent/volunteer driven.

Q. Does the school do any fund raising?

R. Trinity Lutheran School does not do any door-to-door fundraising. We participate in a gift certificate program throughout the year where parents purchase gift certificates through the school from national and local businesses. The school purchases the certificates at a discounted rate. Our major fund raiser is an annual auction held in the spring of each year. Funds raised at the auction are used to purchase larger items that are not included in the general budget.


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