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Tuition & Fees

A financial commitment is set yearly. This commitment pays for much of the cost of books, workbooks, salaries, and other student materials and supplies. This commitment applies to all children pre-school through grade eight.


Tuition rates are determined by the School Council and reviewed annually. Once a decision is made the amounts will appear on registration information. Tuition is charged for all children with membership in churches other than Trinity Lutheran Church. Tuition payments may be made on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis.

Proverbs 22;6

Payments on a semester or yearly basis are to be made in advance. Tuition is charged to all members of Trinity Lutheran Church with children enrolled in Trinity Lutheran School. These members also support Trinity Lutheran Church through regular contributions to the church.

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees Information >

Tuition Aid

There is some tuition aid available each school year. Those with a tuition assistance need and who are attending worship services on a regular basis may make application for aid in the school office.

ACH Tuition Payments

We are offering a 2% tuition discount for families that participate in an ACH automatic withdraw from checking or savings. For more information contact the school office (309) 829-7513.